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    Brake Discs Common Faults and Replacement

    What is it? The disc attached to the wheel in a disc brake in order to create friction. Where is it located? Brake discs are attached to the wheel. Indicators of faults: Brake pedal vibrating. Brake pad appears thin. Brakes are clicking, screeching or grinding. The car is pulling. Common faults: Worn brake discs.

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    Brake Drums Common Faults and Repairs

    What is it? A broad, very short cylinder attached to a wheel, against which the brake shoes press in a drum brake. Where is it located? The brake drums are attached to the wheels. Indicators of faults: Braking not feel right. Noises when braking. Physical signs such as shuddering or pulsating. Common faults: Cracked drums.

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    Handbrake Common Faults and Replacement

    What is it? In cars, the parking brake, also called handbrake, emergency brake, or e-brake, is a latching brake usually used to keep the vehicle stationary. Where is it? The handbrake is located between the driver and passenger seats or sometimes on the center console. Indicators of faults: Stuck handbrake. Handbrake not holding car stationary.

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