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    Rear Axle Common Faults and Repairs

    What is it? Rear axle is the last member of powertrain. In most of automobiles, real axle is the driving axle. Where is it located? It lies between the driving wheels and the differential gear and transmit power from the differential to the driving wheels. Indicators of faults: Noise. Vibration when driving. Movement when the

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    Transfer Case Common Faults and Replacement

    What is it? The transfer case transfers power from the gearbox to the front and rear axles by means of drive shafts. Where is it located? The transfer case is part of the drivetrain which is located in the engine and is connected to all 4 wheels. Indicators of faults: Grinding noises coming from the

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    Prop Shaft Common Faults and Replacement

    What is it? The Prop shaft is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation. Where is it located? A prop shaft is located under the vehicle between the engine and the wheels. Indicators of faults: Intense vibrations. Difficulty turning. Visible wear and tear. Common faults: Loose U-joint. Worn U-joint. Out of balance, bent or

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