Any car registered for use on the road in the EC must pass some kind of mechanical and emissions test – known in the UK as the ‘MOT’, after the old Ministry of Transport. In the UK cars must be Tested at the end of their third year (if imported, measured from date of manufacture), and yearly after that.

If you have a car that is more than 3 years old it will need an MOT test each year to ensure that it meets at least the minimum road safety and environmental standards.

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  • Who Carries out the MOT Test?

    The only people who are authorised to examine your vehicle for MOT and approve the MOT computer entry via a smart card and pass code are called, officially, Nominated Testers – better known to motorists as MOT Testers.They may only examine specified items, and in a manner laid down in a document officially known as ‘The MOT Inspection Manual’, generically known in the trade as ‘The Tester’s Manual’.

    The Tester can only fail an item if the fault found is listed in the Manual under the heading ‘Reason for rejection’ which he must find very specifically on the MOT computer’s failure menu.

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