The purpose of a car service is to check and replace the parts which wear down over time and use. Some parts, such as oil and brake pads need checking more regularly than others, such as the fuel filter and spark plugs.

Every car is different and often your cars manufacturer’s handbook should give you an indication of the required ‘service intervals’.

Which service should I choose, and when?

There are two levels of servicing available at Storriers Garage Oxted Surrey, an Interim Service and a Full Service. Usually you want to be doing a Full service once every 12000 Miles or once a year, with an Interim service inbetween those at 6000 Miles / Every 6 Months. For cars that are used less or do lower milage a Full service once a year will suffice.

Even if your car is used very little, it will still require regular servicing as many parts degrade even when not in use.


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    • Can I book a Full Service and MOT at the same time?

      Yes, we can often get things done much faster if we combine the two. You can book your MOT and Service here

    • Do you use quality parts?

      Yes! We use only the highest-quality parts, manufactured to manufacturers’ original specifications.

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