• Coil Pack Replacement and Repairs

    What is it? A coil pack is the part that supplies spark to the spark plugs and allows the fuel in the engine to burn Where is it located? coil packs are centrally located on top of the engine or under the plastic dust cover on top of the engine Indicators of faults: Symptoms of

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    Tappets Common Faults and Repairs

    What is it? it is a small member interposed between each camshaft lobe and the valve lifting mechanism, or the valve itself, depending on engine design. Where is it located? Tappets for conventional-camshaft engines are usually of cylindrical or mushroom shape, about one inch long, and are located in guides machined in the engine block.

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    Cylinder Head Repairs and Common Faults

    What is it? The end cover of a cylinder in an internal-combustion engine, against which the piston compresses the cylinder’s contents. Where is it located? The cylinder head sits above the cylinders on top of the cylinder block. Indicators of faults: Symptoms of a cracked cylinder head are identical to those of a blown head

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