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Fuel Injectors Common Faults

What is it?

Your car’s engine uses an internal combustion process to make the power in your motor and the two key ingredients for this is fuel and oxygen. The motor will take the oxygen from the air and fuel from your gas tank. There is an air intake that delivers the air to the motor and a fuel injection system that will deliver the fuel.

Where is it located?

In general, fuel injectors are located in the head of the engine and are threaded into the combustion chamber with the nozzle inside.

Indications of faults:

Inconsistent Engine Power
Misfiring Engine
Uneven Engine Idling
Fuel Scent
Diminished Gas Mileage

Common faults:

Dirty Fuel Injectors
Clogged Fuel Injectors
Fuel Injectors not opening
Fuel Injectors not closing
Fuel Injector leaks

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